Mass Effect 2

February 26, 2010

Ok, this post is a bit overdue, but here it is. Mass Effect 2, as I’m sure you all know by now is an INCREDIBLE game! It feels a bit more stream lined than the first game, but keeps everything that made the first one bad ass. The conversation trees; how your in-game actions and interactions with NPC’s affect both your character’s appearance, the story line, and how other characters react to you. All of this makes the Mass Effect games feel more like a playable movie than a videogame. Like the first game Mass Effect 2 is a massive game set in a massive and incredibly detailed universe, so expect to drop about 50+ hours on your first play through if you like to soak in all the details like I do. And speaking of, it amazes me the amount of effort they put into fleshing out all the worlds, races, and technologies in the Mass Effect games. It really helps pull you into the story and makes you care more about the world they’ve created. It gives you more of a reason to WANT to save this universe and all the people in it.

Another cool feature of Mass Effect 2 is the ability to upload your save file from the first game into this one. So all of your actions that affected your character traits, and the universe as a whole, can be imported into Mass Effect 2 to custom tailor the storyline to YOU and your play style. Fear not however, because you can have a fully enjoyable experience with this game even if you never played the first one. Unfortunately for me I DID play the first one, but like an idiot, I deleted my old save files to free up space on my 360’s hard drive. At the time I had NO idea Mass Effect 2 would have this awesome feature. But I totally intend on picking up another copy of Mass Effect 1 (traded in my original copy) and playing through it again so that I can see just how it impacts the story and over all experience of Mass Effect 2. This game is definitely a 10, no doubt about it!

~Penguin out!


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