I’ve finally broken through the 50,000 Gamerscore barrier!

February 27, 2010

It’s official, I am one hell of a bad ass gamer! On February 25, 2010 I reached 50,005 gamerscore points. At which point the gaming gods came down from on high and totally gave me a big, group high five. It was “righteous”! Haha.

Now tell me, does anything say “This guy’s hardcore” like having a gamerscore that exceeds 50,000 points? I think not. I can now safely count myself among “The Elite” without feeling like a pompous jack ass. This must be what it feels like to be Stephan Colbert. 😉 That guy kicks some serious ass by the way. I sent a message to all of my gamer friends last night that was all like “Behold, I hath conquered the 50,000 barrier! Gaze upon my gamerscore and weep heartily with joy for it’s greatness…” I wish I had thought to save a copy of it to post here later, cause it was brilliant. Oh well. Maybe I’ll remember when (and IF) I break the 100,000 barrier.

Seriously though, I think Microsoft should mail out shirts or something to people who break huge milestones like this. Cause we obviously paid for and played a shit ton of their games to get where we are. And what’s a couple hundred cheap and cheesy t-shirts to a company that has as much money as “The Big M”? Just a thought… do with it what you will.

~Uber Penguin out!


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