Maybe It’s Schizophrenia…

August 22, 2010


Maybe it’s just me, but I commonly get into arguments with myself. My “inner voice” splits into several pieces and each takes a side.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean I know it sounds a little… “unhinged”, but it CAN be helpful. It’s useful when planning out important conversations I want to have with people, another voice will step up and start thinking through every possible response to my planned talking points. Help plan for every contingency, especially when dancing around difficult subjects.

But sometimes these alternates just like to bicker amongst themselves. Over the most random shit too. Like, I’ll be walking through the local Wal-Mart, and I’ll see a small flock of the local Mennonite women. My initial reaction is confrontational disgust. Then a second voice tries to instill understanding and acceptance. It plays out a bit like this:

V1: “Freaks…”

V2: “They aren’t that bad.”

V1: “Oh come on! They’re all a bunch of techno hating cultists!”

V2: “They, as a people, have contributed a great deal to this country.”

V1: “Give me a break.”

V2: “No really. They’ve been a positive force here since America’s founding.”

V1: “Yeah yeah. They’re very hands on, making all their own shit.”

V2: “They really are quite good at that.”

V1: “Sure, they can make their own clothes, but their fashion sense is atrocious! I mean, if you’re going through all of that effort, why not make something that’s actually WORTH WEARING?”

V2: ”…Ok. You got me there.”

This is about when a third voice will step in, say “Shut the fuck up” and corral them back into a singular voice. The voice of Me.

Does anyone else have this experience? Is this something that I should be concerned about? Is it a problem or an answer? And how does one tell the difference?




3 Responses to “Maybe It’s Schizophrenia…”

  1. Carolyn said

    I’d have to say, no. No, I don’t have this experience. My inner monologue goes more like “la la la, la la la, dip dong dingy ding.”

    However, two thoughts come to mind. They say that talking to oneself is normal, so I suppose this is much better than an empty vacuum between your skull. Also, well, at least you’ve got someone to talk to!

  2. Nichole said

    Oh my gawd… I can totally relate. What planet are we from? O.o

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